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CarTaxi is like Uber, only in reverse

CarTaxi is like Uber, only in reverse

by Evan Mcbride

There are more and more vehicles, on the roads and on the road sides. That...

There are more and more vehicles, on the roads and on the road sides. That means the vehicle recovery business is very promising. But it is also chaotical, it is not optimized and is totally hand-on. The global automatization did not come here yet, so the human factor takes a leading role here.

CarTaxi is the first global service for towing vehicles developed as a decentralized platform on blockchain. Just like a taxi service for people, CarTaxi combines towing companies in one network. In other words, it is something like Uber but it will transport vehicles.

The developers use blockchain system based on Ethereum. The use of smart contracts is beneficial for CarTaxi  and it has advantages over traditional aggregators. The most important of them are acceleration of payments and transparent  control over company infrastructure. The service will ensure order fulfilment control and vehicle delivery guarantee.  In case an order will not be fulfilled or the vehicle will be damaged sanctions should be applied to a service provider. They will be automatically calculated by the service. It will be very easy to use CarTaxi. It will be just like common taxi services with a mobile application.

The company has issued 500 millions of tokens CarTaxi (CTX), 12,5 of them were sold during their pre-ICO in September. The rest of the tokens investors can purchase during their ICO in October. Almost 2 million dollars are already raised and the project is already working in 3ß cities.

CarTaxi invests profits in its further development. In order to realize CarTaxi as an international platform its creators plan following steps till 2021: blockchain implementation in the end of 2017, growing the market in USA and China in 2018 and European market entry in 2019.


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